Hall of Shame

Who says no one remembers a loser?

We sure as hell do. We "remember" them well. And when we say "remember", we mean insult the shit out of them to make ourselves feel better.

It's pretty hard to make our Hall of Fame. But it's just as hard to make the Hall of Shame. I mean you have to suck. REALLY suck. And then you have to win our Jackass of the Week award. A bunch.

So when you think about it, it's really, really hard to be this bad. But regardless, week after week our jackasses will never fail to show up...

And then completely suck.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Loudmouth Football proudly presents our Hall of Shame!


What an amazing pun.  Anyway, this dumbass made Rex Grossman look semi-capable during his past season in Chicago.

How?  By being complete and utter trash.

Forget the fact that Cutler spent the entire off-season bitching about having his feelings hurt in Denver.  Forget the fact that Chicago only gave up a bazillion picks to trade for this above average QB.  All you needed to see were the most pathetic QB displays of 2009.

9-13: @ Green Bay -  17-36, 4 INT, 43.2 Rating
11-12: @ San Francisco - 29-52, 5 INT, 33.6 Rating
12-20: @ Baltimore - 10-27, 3 INT, 7.9 Rating

You gotta feel bad for Bear fans.  Because being forced to watch these three exhibits of suckitude would make listening to a Justin Bieber/Owl City/Lady Gaga mixtape sound like heaven.  GROSS.


As soon as we came up with up the idea for our Hall of Shame, a few things were absolutely certain.

Brett Favre is no longer Brett Favre.  Thus Brett Favre would completely suck in 2010.  Thus Brett Favre would be a lock for the Hall of Shame.

But number 4 looked an awful lot like number 4 in 2009.  In fact, he was so good, it looked like we were going to have find a way to shove his old ass into the Hall of Shame.

Luckily...he found his own way in.  And it only took 1 play.  BOO YAH!  THIS IS NOT DETROIT!

But the man was a lifetime achievement lock for the hall of shame regardless.  Here's a guy who wouldn't help mentor Aaron Rodgers despite being in the twilight of his career.  A player who thinks he's too good for training camp.  A man who basically took a $#!^ on the fans of Green Bay when he signed with Minnesota.  And an attention whore who's quietly outdone Lebron James three times with THREE WHOLE SUMMERS OF "HIS DECISION".

This all could have been avoided with a simple RETIREMENT.  But Brett chose to anger the Loudmouth Gods.  AND THE GODS DID SMOTE HIM.


Believe it or not, we came very close to keeping these guys out of the Hall of Shame.  IN SPITE of their Loudmouth record 3 Jackass of the Week awards.  And despite the PG-Train's irrational hatred of New York.  Hell must have been freezing over right?

By no means were the 2009 Jets awful.  They had a really good defense, and [via some act of god (the Colts quitting)] made the playoffs, and then the AFC Championship.

But the douchebags trash talked the entire season.  And from the sound of all the shit-talk, you'd think they'd gone 16-0, hadn't allowed a point all year, and won the Super Bowl.  Every WEEK:

Too bad absolutely none of that happened.  So what did happen in 2009?

- A 9-7 record (not bad)
- 2-4 in an average AFC East (worse)
- Mark Sanchez being allowed to play QB (nightmare)
- Mark Sanchez shitting his pants in just about every game (HORRIBLE)

So all in all, the Jets were an above-average crew of over-confident attention whores.  That's all you need to get into the Hall of Shame.  Here's hoping the Jets make a return trip in 2010.