Hall of Fame

Yeah, the NFL might have its own hall. But the Loudmouth Hall of Fame? That's where legends are born baby. Every player dreams about it. Some are literally BEGGING us to get enshrined. We're dead serious about that. No, really. STOP SHAKING YOUR DAMN HEAD.

But it ain't that easy. For the newbies to our site, there's only one way to get in. Domination and Destruction.

To get into our hall, you've gotta be voted a Stone Cold Killer. But once ain't enough. You gotta keep beating the crap out of everyone, week in and week out. And if you please the Loudmouth Gods, then maybe...just maybe...you'll get a call to Loudmouth's Mount Olympus.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Loudmouth Football proudly presents our Hall of Fame!


Yeah the Saints won the Super Bowl. Yeah, they beat the living $#!^ out of the entire NFL. And yeah they gave some much needed hope to a town that that had absolutely nothing. Blah blah blah...WHO CARES?

Kidding. But the real reason the Saints are in the Hall of Fame? Because we legitimized them (and maybe...just maybe...they legitimized us). We started the bandwagon way back in week 2...and we never jumped off. Don't believe us? CHECK THE FACTS.  Just one of over a million examples why we are always 100% right.

Our egos aside..."The Pinball Machine" was the best part of the 2009 season.  Drew Brees.  The deepest running back/receiving corps in the game.  A ball hawking secondary led by Darren Sharper and his big pick sixes.  More Drew Brees.  And they beat the Colts/Peyton Manning.  Just a badass team.


You can describe this running back pretty easily...


We're all totally shocked by what this guy did in 2009.  Totally.  He singledhandled destroyed the goddamn league!

Look at his completely out of this world stats:
RUSHING: 2,006 Yards, 5.6 Yards per carry, 14 TD
RECEIVING: 50 receptions, 503 Yards, 3 TD

Ridiculous.  And he did it all despite having ridiculous dreadlocks, gold teeth, and being vastly underpaid.  BALLER.


I know what you're all thinking.  This geezer is still in the NFL?

Unfortunately no.  Old Man Kurt hung up his cleats after getting smashed to a bloody pulp by Stormin N'Orleans in the 2009 divisional round.

But the old man went out with a bang the week before.

379 yards.  5 TD.  87% completion percentage, and a near perfect 154.1 completion percentage in the Cardinal's epic 51-45 wild card win over Green Bay.  Toss in the fact that he did this without wideout Anquan Boldin and you've got one of the top performances of the year.

We know Warner didn't have the best season of his career in '09.  Nor did it end particularly well.  But the dude is the anti-Brett Favre.  Selfless.  No completely idiotic mistakes.  And he isn't an asshole.  That's why the man deserves a call from Canton in the near future.

But if that doesn't happen, he can rest happily knowing he's made the more prestigious Loudmouth Hall of Fame.


Before half-assedly creating Loudmouth Football in the Fall of 2009, the PG-Train was actually a football machine. After destroying Massachusetts pee wee football, the Train was banned from playing in the Northeast for "character issues". So he took his talents South, dominating Florida High Schools with his pure speed, power, and trash talking. Out of pure fear, the NCAA and NFL promptly banned the PG-Train from football for life. True story.*

The Train was pissed. Thus, he swore that seeing as he couldn't grace the NFL with his presence, he'd jam his "somewhat unbiased" and "completely professional" opinions on the NFL down the throats of the entire Universe. And lo, Loudmouth Football was formed.

So as the Godfather of Loudmouth...we thank you PG-Train. Even though you're sort of a jackass.

Prior to joining the staff at Loudmouth Football, Old Man was constantly being broken. Primarily from getting injuries, at the ripe old age of 17, he quit football having always to gimp around everywhere. Embodying the image of an old man (being broken, ornery, and cynical), he was donned the name by no other than the PG-Train.

Spending his whole life loving both the Jacksonville Jaguars and Florida State Seminoles, he has only known mediocrity recently. He comes to Loudmouth to voice his frustration and completely biased hate towards the likes of Peyton Manning and Tim Tebow.


The newest member of Loudmouth Football, Footsteps Falco was reluctantly invited to the team out of pity after getting concussed by one of PG-Train's knees in a pickup football game. Despite his baseball background and completely unrelated dominance of PG-Train in video games, Falco has proven to be a significant contributor to the staff and always wants the ball with the game on the line. After all, with winning teams such as the Patriots, Celtics, Red Sox, and Lightning represented by the Loudmouth staff, it's good to have someone who only supports losers from the D.C./Maryland area.

He may not have the biggest head at Loudmouth Football, but he usually gets the job done. And he'll always, always go back to fundamentals in the middle of the season.