Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Wes Welker: Superhuman

PFT: Wes Welker's stay on the physically unable to perform list was a brief one. Patriots director of player personnel Nick Caserio revealed Sunday morning that Welker passed his physical and will return to the field for the team's morning practice.

BAM. The whole NFL saw this...and collectively crapped themselves. Suddenly the Patriots AREN'T dead in the water, and all of New England has a raging hard on. SUPER BOWL. CUE THE EVIL EMPIRE MUSIC.

I'm not sure where I stand as the resident Pats fan. On one hand I'm ecstatic the NFL's resident badass is back. But on the other, knee injuries take both time to heal AND EVEN MORE TIME to get over mentally. And for a player like Welker, a receiver who excels because of his route running and lateral quickness, who knows how long he'll take to get back to form.

Then again, this guy is probably the NFL's toughest...yes toughest...seriously toughest son of a bitch. If there's anyone who'd work their asses off more to get back on the field, it's this guy. I just hope he's let his knees heal enough.

PS: How funny is it that a guy that tore his knee up 6 months ago is cleared for training camp...and a lineman whose done nothing all off-season except cash a $21 million dollar paycheck is not. Sorry Footsteps "Wannabe Welker" Falco.

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