Sunday, January 17, 2010

Divisional Picks: Sunday Edition

Wow.  I have really sucked thus far with the playoff picks.  I finally picked a winner yesterday in New Orleans, but I've yet to pick right with the spread.  0 for 6.  Pathetic.  Awful.  Certainly not Paul-Gallant esque.

Anyway, it's time to finally get something right.  So I'm gonna go with the hot theory, and pick the two hottest teams in the NFL.

Dallas Cowboys @ Minnesota Vikings (Vikings by 3)

Dallas is white hot right now.  The offense has been remarkably efficient, whether running the ball with their outstanding running backs, or suddenly mistake-free pass game powered by Tony Romo, Jason Witten, and Miles Austin.  And the defense is holding their own right now too.  All Dallas needs to do is to get a big lead early on.  Brett Favre will start forcing throws for the Vikings, including a few interceptions, and the Boys will take advantage.

New York Jets @ San Diego Chargers (Chargers by 8)

Are you kidding me?  It's the Jets!  It's Sanchez?  Give me a break.  Make the line 200 and the Jets still wouldn't be able to cover.

In all seriousness, the Jets don't matchup at all with the Chargers.  Sure Darrelle Revis can shut down Vincent Jackson.  But he can't cover the whole field, where Phillip Rivers will have Antonio Gates and Malcolm Floyd as his 2nd and 3rd reads.  Rivers will have a field day picking apart the Jets, and the San Diego Superchargers will roll.


Saturday, January 16, 2010

Divisional Playoff Sunday

Well it's been a crazy and hectic week, and after my Pats got completely demolished, it wasn't very fun.  Also, I didn't pick one game correctly.  We'll have some wild card and divisional playoff wrapups on Sunday, but for now, here are my divisional playoff picks.

Arizona @ New Orleans (Saints by 7)

Look, I know that the Cardinals at least appear to be getting hot at the right time.  They outgunned the Packers last week, making the first defensive stop of the game in OT for the win.  I also know that the Saints have been ice cold, losing their last three games as well as having a week off to further rust.  But the Cardinal defense put out one of the worst efforts of all-time last week after barely escaping with a win over Green Bay.  Aaron Rodgers is good, but come on.  Those stats were absurd.  And as good as Aaron Rodgers is, Drew Brees is a much better quarterback.  The Cardinals keep it close with their offense in another shootout, but Stormin N'Orleans outlasts 'Zona.

Baltimore @ Indianapolis (Colts by 6.5)

The Colts are just as cold as the Saints, but the main difference is: they're quitters.  Seriously.  Indy can have all the rest they want, but the fact is they're going to choke it away like they always do.  Joe Flacco may be a completely awful quarterback (as evidenced by the worst playoff performance of a winning playoff quarterback (seriously ever)), but Ray Rice and Willis McGahee are going to run the finesse Colts defense to shreds and keep Peyton Manning off the field.  I like Baltimore


Sunday, January 10, 2010

Wild Card Sunday

Well to sum of yesterday in one word...CRAP.  Seriously.  As if the Jets somehow pulling off a win over the Bengals, resulting in a comeback of Joe Namath comparisons for the pathetic QB that is Mark Sanchez, wasn't enough.  Boy nation ended their 13 year playoff losing streak with a beatdown of Philadelphia...just an ugly Saturday.  At least we won't have to see another Packer-Viking rematch.  Here's hoping today doesn't completely suck.

Ravens at Patriots (Patriots by 4)

The Ravens simply are not that good of a football team.  The offense is pathetic.  Other than Ray Rice, there isn't anything to be scared of on that side of the football.  Joe Flacco is a game-manager (not a good thing) and won't help Baltimore if they fall into a hole (nor will his receivers, who drop everything in sight).  And Willis McGahee simply is not that talented.  Meanwhile, the defense has been overrated since they won the Super Bowl in 2002.  I don't care if Wes Welker is hurt, because the Pats can overcome that loss for at least one week.  Patriots win fairly easy.

Packers at Cardinals (Packers by 2)

The Packers are red hot right now, and just stomped the Cards last week.  Yesterday's two games, rematches of week 17, were blowouts in favor of the team that won last week.  It'll be no different today.  Packers by 20.


Saturday, January 9, 2010

Saturday Playoff Picks

They are finally upon us.  Playoffs?  Yes we're predicting the playoffs.  This Saturday opens up the Wild Card Round, where we've got two rematches of week 17 games.  HERE WE GO BABY.

New York Jets @ Cincinnati Bengals (Bengals by 3)

I'm taking the Bengals.  It's as simple as this: Mark Sanchez is a HORRIBLE quarterback.  I can guarantee you that there will be at least 3 interceptions thrown by this clown, even if the Jets only let him throw the ball 3 times.  New York will not even come close to the offensive production they put up against Cincy last weekend.  The Bengals will also play three key cogs that did not play against the Jets: running back Cedric Benson, defensive tackle Domata Peko, and defensive end Robert Geathers all sat out last Sunday.

Peko and Geathers will be key in shutting down the one-dimensional Jet offense.  But Benson will be the gamebreaker in this one.  I don't care if the Jets have the league's best run defense.  Kris Jenkins is not playing defensive tackle (out for the year), and Cedric Benson will have a field day bring the Queen City a playoff victory.

Philadelphia Eagles @ Dallas Cowboys (Cowboys by 4)

As much as I hate big D, I've got to admit that they're the hottest team in the NFC right now.  They beat the Saints and beat the Eagles over the past few weeks, and have looked outstanding in all facets of the game, whether running with Felix Jones or Tashard Choice, passing to Miles Austin, and even looking good on defense.

I also know that Dallas has beaten Philly twice already this season.  I know they are hot.  But they haven't won a playoff game since 1996, and trying to sweep a team as playoff-battled as the Eagles is going to be extremely hard to pull off.  And Andy Reid is 7-0 in the opening round of the playoffs while coaching the Birds.  If Boy Nation can pull of this first step towards a championship, then god help ice-cold New Orleans next week.  But I just can't see a Wade Phillips coached, Tony Romo quarterbacked team pulling out a playoff win.  E-A-G-L-E-S IGGLES.


The Final Power Rankings

They’re back…Sorry I’ve been away for so long, but Winter Break brings out the lazy in me. Here are the latest power rankings in their full glory. MY WORD IS LAW.

“What the hell?”
1.) San Diego Chargers

Let me get this straight. Putting this team in first was as hard as pulling out my own teeth. For the last few years, I couldn’t respect anything the San Diego Underachievers. They talked the talk non-stop, guaranteeing victories and swaggering around the NFL as though they’d won the Super Bowl the last 10 years (that would be a zero). Why?

Despite being one of the league’s most talented teams recently, they’ve been held back by their own “leaders”. The main culprit has been running back Ladanian Tomlinson, constantly sitting out from some injury (likely a “bruised ego”) in the team’s biggest games. He’s the kind of guy that cares about his stats more than bringing home a championship. But the coaches haven’t helped either. First, Marty Schottenheimer brought his patented “Marty-Ball” (great regular season record, 1st round playoff exits), and then Norv Turner implemented the “Norv Plan” (sucking around .500). Throw in idiots like Shawne “I may be a roider but I’m just allegedly a woman beater” Merriman and it’s no wonder this team has consistently underachieved.

Then why the turnaround this season? It’s obvious. Quarterback Philip Rivers has made the Chargers into Super-Chargers over the past nine weeks.

Now I’ll be honest. Before this year I used to hate on the guy. I thought he was a classless jackass, evidenced by his trash-talking to Colts fans and to then Denver QB Jay Cutler. But the more I think about it, everyone hates Colts fans, and Jay Cutler deserves to be insulted non-stop for being an abomination of a QB. SO GOOD FOR MR PHILIP.

Most importantly, this guy’s the toughest player on the West Coast. Remember when Ladanian Tomlinson had a boo boo and sat out the 2007 AFC Championship? Rivers played through it with a torn ACL. Yes. Torn. They didn’t win, but holy crap is that impressive.

And toss in the fact that Rivers has 4200+ passing yards and 28 TDs, turning average receivers Vincent Jackson and Malcolm Floyd into damn good targets in the process, and you have a bonafide MVP candidate. Hell, screw Peyton Manning. Loudmouth Football is officially giving out the NFL MVP to Phillip Rivers. Because we can. 

2.) Dallas Cowboys

Who the hell would have thought at the beginning of the season that teams led by Norv Turner and Wade Phillips would be 1 and 2 come post-season. Definitely not me. Anyway, by some miracle the Boys not only won multiple December games, but made the playoffs, and then won the freaking NFC East. Go figure.

Anyway, like before with Philip Rivers, I may have been a little wrong about Tony Romo. Key word is MAY. But somehow he only has 9 picks this year along with 4400+ yards. So maybe he won’t crap his pants in the post-season the way we’ve all come to love outside of Big D.

Regardless, I’m big into the “Hot Theory” heading into the postseason. The teams that start playing their best ball towards the end of the season are always the most dangerous. Boy Nation stopped the Saints season, beat down the Birds (twice), and nearly stole one from the Chargers. And when you compare with the rest of the NFC (who all stumbled into the playoffs) Dallas is looking fine and dandy right now. I have no idea how the hell it happened.

“Who Dat? Seriously, who dat?” 
3.) New Orleans Saints

The undefeated season was going to come to a close sooner or later. But to Big D? THEN THE BUCS? And no quitting was involved? I’m damn surprised. Three losses later, and the Saints have lost pretty much all momentum going into the playoffs, and have yet another week to cool off and wait for their 2nd round opponent. I’m big into momentum, but being able to turn on gear A after barely playing for the last 3 weeks is HUGE. Can the Saints, far from playoff tested, turn that gear back on? I hope so.  I started this bandwagon and I ain't jumping bro.

“Quitter. C-O-L-T. Quitter.”
4.) Indianapolis Colts

The Colts are a bunch of quitters. Just no other explanation. They had a lead. They had a shot at perfection. Yet Bill Polian and puppet Jim Caldwell pulled their starters to “rest” them for the postseason”, resulting to a loss to the frigging JETS of all teams.

Why is this completely stupid? Because now they haven’t played a meaningful game in three weeks. Because now they’re going to have to get back in gear after not playing in three weeks. Because now they have no momentum. Because every time they rest their starters for the post-season they have CHOKED. Because the one time they didn’t rest their starters they WON THE FRIGGIN SUPER BOWL. Because the entire team is now pissed off they were cheated of their chance for perfection. Because the entire fan-base was completely screwed over. Because this team would have loved to have a perfect regular season like the arch-rival Patriots.

I know they were 14-2. I know they have Peyton Manning. But they’ll be hard-pressed to avoid being one and done in 2010.

“Please no Favre-Packer Rematch”
5.) Minnesota Vikings

If the Packers and Cowboys win, this could actually happen. It would be impossible for anyone to suck up to Favre anymore. They already set major records in the last matchup. Gruden practically had a boner. Please no. PLEASE.

“Seriously…no Favre-Packer Rematch”
6.) Green Bay Packers

The world will not be able to handle it. John Madden would not be able to handle it. He’d go nuts like Lawrence Taylor on a coke binge and likely have a heart attack. So unless you want John Madden dead, football gods, PLEASE don’t let this happen.

“Uh oh part 1”
7.) Philadelphia Eagles

They got flat-out embarrassed by Big D in Big D last week. The offense looked awful, out of sync, and not even close to the explosive form it showed throughout 2009. The Philly boo birds are already calling for Andy Reid’s and Donovan McNabb’s heads, and if they get swept in three games by Dallas, the city may catch fire.

“Uh oh part 2 + Oh $#%*!”
8.) New England Patriots

When someone gets hurt in New England, someone else ALWAYS steps up. Whether it was Ty Law, Richard Seymour, or hell, even Tom Brady, backups have filled in and gotten the job done for their starters. But now Wes Welker goes down…a receiver so dynamic in what he can do for the Pats.

Enter Julian Edelman. For those who don’t know this guy, he’s a rookie QB turned WR out of Kent State. He’s like a poor man’s Wes Welker, with more speed, but worse hands. If the Pats want to go anywhere this postseason, Edelman has to play like a freak. I’m praying.

“Uh oh part 3”
9.) Cincinnati Bengals

They looked like crap against the Jets in a game they didn’t need. Big deal. I don’t understand why everyone is so high on the Jets. Cedric Benson didn’t play against New York last week, and I’m positive that he’ll get at least 100 yards against New York in the Queen City today.

“Uh oh part 4”
10.) Arizona Cardinals

The Cardinals are the NFL’s wild card. They play like crap against horrible football teams. But they play outstanding against the league’s best. Unfortunately for them, they’ll be playing a damn good team, likely without their number 2 receiver Anquan Boldin who’s listed as questionable. Green Bay stomped on the Cards last week. I see it happening again.

“Whining’s for losers…the final score’s for winners”
11.) Baltimore Ravens

The Ravens love to complain. Despite being completely owned by the Pats (0-5), they never fail to make excuses for their losses against New England. When the Patriots beat the Ravens to stay undefeated in 2007 after New England came back, Baltimore cried like children about bad calls. Forget that idiot Rex Ryan called a timeout on 4th and 1 to beat himself. The Ravens blamed the refs, the NFL, their parents, the weather, and pretty much everything you could complain about. They then did the same thing this season when the Pats beat them in week 4, despite choking the game away themselves with about 200 drops from their wideouts. One and done Baltimore. One and done.

“Talking’s for losers…the final score’s for winners”
12.) New York Jets

Why does everyone like Rex Ryan? He claimed the Jets should be favored to win the Super Bowl. Is he high? Mark Sanchez is one of the worst quarterbacks I’ve ever seen. He can’t throw an out route, he freaks out with the slightest pressure, and consistently throws the balls straight to the other defenders. I could give a crap how good the defense is. Or the run game. This is a one dimensional team with a good defense, and an awful quarterback. Awful. If you have an idiot at QB you aren’t doing anything in the playoffs.

“Choking’s for losers…the playoffs are for winners”
13.) Houston Texans

Props to Houston for finally getting over the 8 win plateau after beating the Pats. But they should have made the playoffs LIKE I PREDICTED. Unfortunately, the Texans choked away pretty much every game, with four straight losses in November into early December against the entire AFC South where they had late leads. They won their last four, but when you make choking into an art, you don’t deserve the playoffs.

“Wam bam bam bam bam….what the hell happened his year? Seriously?”
 14.) Atlanta Falcons
15.) Pittsburgh Steelers
16.) Tennessee Titans
17.) Carolina Panthers
18.) Miami Dolphins

All these teams made the playoffs last year. And none made it in 2010. Really a complete surprise. Why the falloff? Injuries and Idiots.

A.) Atlanta: lost Matt Ryan and Michael Turner down the stretch
B.) Pittsburgh: lost Troy “The God of Defense” Polamalu
C.) Tennessee: started Kerry “Cocktail” Collins at QB for multiple games
D.) Carolina: started Jake “I have no idea what the hell I’m doing” Delhomme for nearly the whole season
E.) Miami: lost Ronnie Brown.

“Could’ve been good…if they had talent”
 19.) Denver Broncos
20.) San Francisco 49ers

These teams completely overachieved in 2009. Seriously. How the hell did the Broncos win with Kyle Orton at QB? How was their defense so good? Well, as evidenced by their midseason collapse, it was an act of god. Meanwhile, I was surprised when I saw San Fran had 8 wins, especially in spite of Alex Smith. For what they both had in terms of personnel, not bad. But they seriously need a talent injection.

21.) Chicago Bears
22.) Jacksonville Jaguars

The Bears are at least entertaining because it’s always fun to count interceptions with Jay Cutler. But the Jags are just frustratingly boring (and bad) to watch. I feel bad for Dom. But at least they’ll be moving to Los Angeles soon.

“Karmas a bitch”
23.) New York Giants

Dear New York,

Remember when you were 5-0? Remember when you trash talked the Raiders after stomping them handily? Then remember how you finished the season 8-8? Yeahhhhhhhhhhh. The Raiders actually had more wins than Big Blue down the stretch. Don’t forget: “October’s for losers…January’s for winners.”


PS: You made Eli Manning the highest paid QB in the league. LOL.
PPS: Noone cares about February 3 2008.
PPPS: Pats fans aren’t still bitter

“Escaped the toilet Bowl?”
24.) Cleveland Browns

Did you know that Cleveland had 5 wins? Seems ridiculous, seeing how I ripped on them throughout the entire season. Did you know that Eric Mangenius some how kept his job? Even more absurd. But the weirdest thing is that new running back Jerome Harrison burst onto the scene with nearly 600 rushing yards in the final three games, sending Cleveland out on a FOUR GAME WIN STREAK. Seriously. This team was giving the 0-16 Detroit Lions a run for the money in terms of how bad they played. How the hell did they win 1 game, let alone 5?

“Craptastic… in a good way”
25.) Kansas City Chiefs
26.) Tampa Bay Buccaneers

They may have only had seven wins between them, but neither team has either A. Al Davis, or B. Daniel Snyder as an owner. THE POSSIBILITIES ARE ENDLESS.

“Craptastic…in a kinda bad way”
27.) Oakland Raiders

For the first time in a few years, the Raiders didn’t completely blow. By some act of god, they managed to beat contenders in Denver, Philadelphia, Cincinnati, and Pittsburgh. But then again, they still are thhhaaaaaaaaaaa Raiiiiiiiiiderz. The 200th coach in 2 seasons was fired, there was another first round draft bust, and Al Davis took his insanity to new heights. How the hell was Oakland ever good at all?

“Up $#!^ Creek”
28.) Washington Redskins
29.) Seattle Seahawks
30.) Buffalo Bills

These teams are pretty much completely screwed for next season. Well, maybe not the Redskins after hiring Mike Shanahan (but you never know as long as Dan Snyder is the owner), but the Seahawks and Bills sure are. Yesterday Seattle fired head coach Jim Mora. Who knows why, seeing as the entire team was on injured reserve, but they’ll have their third coach in three seasons in 2010. Meanwhile, Buffalo fired their entire coaching staff. However, unlike all 31 other NFL franchises, no one actually wants to coach there.

“The Toilet Bowl”
31.) Detroit Lions
32.) St. Louis Rams

We promised our readers a toilet bowl, and damnit they shall receive! This coming week Dom and I will play the Lions and Rams to see who the worst football team of 2010 is. Needless to say, we AREN’T looking forward to it.


Saturday, January 2, 2010

Week 17 Picks

The regular season is coming to a close. The AFC wildcard is all but solidified, so this week will have a lot of implications for the playoffs. Here are our picks for Week 17:

Indianapolis @ Buffalo (BUF -8.5)

With Indianapolis benching their starters (mainly Manning), the Colts have no chance at winning. This is an away game in the freezing cold with home field advantage already wrapped up. I’ll be surprised if Manning even shows up. Don’t worry though, the Peyton Pout will return during the playoffs in all its glory.

Dom: Buffalo

Paul: Buffalo

Pittsburgh @ Miami (PIT -3)

This should be an excellent game that will come down to the wire. That sixth playoff spot is wide open, and both the Steelers and the Dolphins can qualify. Pittsburgh is coming off a pretty good win against Baltimore. It’s crunch time and Roethlisberger is as good as anybody (save Brady) when you need to depend on a quarterback. Miami has a rising star in Chad Henne whose inexperience has translated to inconsistency. If Miami can get their running game going, the passing lanes will be there. Henne has the skills to get the ball downfield, but not 50+ times a game.

Dom: Miami

Paul: Miami

New England @ Houston (HOU -8)

Houston is coming off a very impressive win against a strong Miami team last week. Andre Johnson is playing at the highest level right now, and the Patriot’s secondary is nothing special. Even though Houston has improved on defense over the year, they don’t have the players to match up against Brady, Moss, and Welker. The Patriots backfield is fairly healthy, and I don’t see Belichek sitting his starters against a potential playoff opponent. Unless there’s something I’m not aware of, I would pick New England to (at least) cover the spread.

Dom: New England

Paul: Houston

New Orleans @ Carolina (CAR -7)

Is Matt Moore that good or is Jake Delhomme that bad? I’ll choose the latter even though Moore looked really good in that game against Minnesota a couple weeks back. Let’s not forget that the Panther defense has held its opponents to a combined 16 points in its last two games while the offense has scored 67. The Saints have not played well in the latter half of the season, and it has finally caught up with them (back-to-back losses to Dallas and Tampa Bay). You can’t expect to keep winning when you are consistently playing from behind much less get to the Super Bowl.

Dom: Carolina

Paul: Carolina

Jacksonville @ Cleveland (CLE -1)

I’m actually happy about this spread. I hate being the favorite, and I always find Jacksonville plays better as the underdog. The Jaguars have dropped three straight. On the other hand, Cleveland has won three straight including a Week 14 win over Divisional opponent Pittsburgh. However, with Mike Holmgren being announced as the new team president, there could be a little tension with Mangini. Look for Jacksonville to come out angry after last week’s embarrassing loss to New England, especially their newly proclaimed Pro-Bowl back, Maurice Jones-Drew.

Dom: Jacksonville

Paul: Jacksonville

New York Giants @ Minnesota (MIN -9)

At the beginning of the season, this was a high profile game. Now it’s not. Bottom line is that both teams are playing horribly down the stretch. The Giants have no hope in making the playoffs and Minnesota is still playing for a first-round bye. This might be Coughlin’s last year, and I’m sure Manning’s luster from the Super Bowl is fading fast. He’ll be run out of town shortly. The spread is nine? I doubt there will even be nine points scored in the game.

Dom: New York

Paul: Minnesota

San Francisco @ St. Louis (SF -7)

Frank Gore or Steven Jackson? That’s essentially what this game comes down to. Even though Jackson made the Pro Bowl, I don’t think he can do enough to get the Rams within 7 points of the 49ers. Crabtree is coming into his own and seems to have developed a decent relationship with Alex Smith. In as little time as Crabtree has had to play, he already has 45 receptions with 567 yards and 2 touchdowns. That’s not bad at all.

Dom: San Francisco

Paul: San Francisco

Atlanta @ Tampa Bay (ATL -3)

Tampa Bay has to be feeling pretty good about themselves after that win over the Saints last week even though it was because of a missed field goal in overtime. Still, it is a very impressive win. Expect that energy to carry over. Raheem Morris might not be the long-term guy, but he’s accomplished more than most can say with such a lack of talent. Atlanta has won two straight, including one over the Jets without Matt Ryan or Michael Turner. If Ryan can play even remotely well the Buccaneers don’t even have a shot at this one.

Dom: Atlanta

Paul: Atlanta

Chicago @ Detroit (CHI -3)

Detroit is really bad. Chicago is just bad. Jay Cutler actually played well last week against the Vikings. There really isn’t anything left to say. Who cares…

Dom: Chicago

Paul: Detroit

Philadelphia @ Dallas (DAL -3)

This has to be the biggest game of the week. The winner of this week will clinch the NFC East, and Philadelphia is playing for a 1st round bye. I have Philadelphia ranked as #2, and I don’t see them disappointing me. I have also been highly anticipating Tony Romo’s meltdown, and as well as he has been playing lately, it’s going to be all that sweeter. This game is going to be where it begins. If your fantasy league is still in effect, I’d pick up the Eagle’s defense because Romo will throw 4 interceptions and lose about 10 fumbles. How does Dallas have the edge in this game?

Dom: Philadelphia

Paul: Philadelphia

Kansas City @ Denver (DEN -13)

Remember when I said a few weeks back that Denver would drop 2 of its last 3 games? Remember how they lost their past two? Looks like I’m right on track. There is no way Kansas City can stop Brandon Marshall, and their offense is severely lacking any legitimate threat. I feel bad for Chief fans everywhere.

Dom: Denver

Paul: Kansas City

Baltimore @ Oakland (BAL -11)

Here comes another Baltimore shellacking. This week it’s Oakland’s turn to be obliterated. If the Ravens win, they are in the playoffs. They won’t go deep, but at least they can say they got in. If the Ravens lose, it’ll be huge for all the teams waiting on the outside. I know I’ll be cheering for Oakland.

Dom: Baltimore

Paul: Oakland

Tennessee @ Seattle (TEN -5)

That’s the spread? I’d be highly insulted if I was Jeff Fisher, but then I’d look at my options for quarterback and understand why it’s only 5. Vince Young is the starter, and…well…there’s really nothing good to say about him. It’s the NFL, he’s not a quarterback. The only reason Tennessee is doing well is because of the best back in football, Chris Johnson. The End.

Dom: Tennessee

Paul: Tennessee

Washington @ San Diego (SD -4)

If the season ended today, San Diego is the best team in the NFL. They would be the Super Bowl winners because there is no other team that is playing better all-around football. Washington has Dan Snyder as a president, so you could argue that Washington is the worst team in the NFL right now (with the exception of Detroit). If San Diego plays its third stringers for half the game and doesn’t play anyone else the entire game, they would still win by 20.

Dom: San Diego

Paul: San Diego

Green Bay @ Arizona (ARI -4)

This is another future playoff game that will be a close one. These are two highly inconsistent teams going at it. Arizona has a chance to get the 1st round bye while a win for Green Bay does nothing but boost the ego. Which quarterback is starting for the NFC Pro Bowl team? It’s Drew Brees, but Aaron Rodgers is backing him up, and that is huge. Rodgers is one of the better quarterbacks in the NFL. After that embarrassing display of pass defense Green Bay had a couple weeks ago, that secondary will be looking to redeem itself against one of the better receiving corps in the league.

Dom: Green Bay

Paul: Arizona

Cincinnati @ New York Jets (NYJ -10)

I hate Rex Ryan. I hate Mark Sanchez even more. Cincy needs to win here. That’s it. Do I think they can do it? Not a chance. Darrelle Revis is probably the best corner in the NFL, and Thomas Jones is playing at an intense level. Even with Sanchez at the helm, I don’t think Cincinnati can outscore the Jets, which is extremely hard to do.

Dom: New York Jets

Paul: New York Jets